It was a great pleasure to present at the first ‘Wealth Series 2016′ personal development event at the end of February. I shared my career coaching approach packed with practical tools to support and inspire the attendees on their journey to find their passion in work or the work they love. Special thanks to Rikke Wend Rartung, who made this event happen and my co-presenters Shariffa Mubarak and Sharmila Soosaipillai.

Some of the feedback from the attendees:

‘I got enormous benefit out of the day, and especially enjoyed your talk on how to find the “work one loves”‘

‘The content you provided was very useful and I would like to thank you for taking the time to share this with us all. Your passion for people unlocking their potential and achieving their goals can clearly be seen and your enthusiasm I found to be encouraging.’

‘I felt it was a no-nonsense, practical workshop delivered by people genuinely did want to share their skills and experience with those of us who aspire to attain similar professional and personal success. Highly recommended and I am looking forward to future workshops’

Watch out for the next event. Day will be announced soon. See you there.


Work you love


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