I am a successful business leader and personal performance coach.

A trained economist with an MBA and a Coaching diploma (Distinction) who is passionate about accelerating human change, personal and team development and support determined people and businesses to follow their dreams.

According to my clients and colleagues I am a compassionate, constructively challenging person with a good sense of humor.

– My values are – Integrity – Self Discovery – Intensity – Laughter – Respect – Fairness – Excellence

– My style is calm and empathetic but challenging when needed.

– My clients often tell me they leave their sessions feeling really inspired and motivated.

– I believe in your ability to change, to improve and to progress


I am a qualified life coach

I am a qualified life coach with extensive international and multinational business experience. Economist by training (holding an MBA from Chicago Booth) having spent more than a decade in the financial sector focusing on product management, customer strategy, marketing and sales. I have managed different sized teams through significant growth, change and transformation. I have enjoyed the exposure to different cultures and people while looking after several markets in the developed as well as emerging countries across Europe, Asia and Africa. I have loved to bring new ideas to market to work with my own team as well as influence other people to make customer and clients lives easier through finance.


The big change

The big change in both my professional and personal life happened when I became a mother. I took a break from my career to look after my son with 100% focus the way how I like doing things. The time with him helped me reflect on my strengths and motivations. It made me realised how important it is for me to work with people to make a change in their and others’ lives. I enjoy learning both academic and practical. So I decided to sign up to The Coaching Academy, the UK’s largest coaching training institution and completed my personal performance coaching diploma with distinction.


Everybody has the potential to grow

According to my clients I am compassionate, professional and build great rapport while constructively challenge them to achieve significant changes in their lives. They also appreciate how I support them to raise self awareness, increase self confidence and keep them motivated. Through this process I have also discovered my curiosity, passion to support people and enjoy listening actively to my clients.

I truly believe that everybody has the potential to grow, develop and change. As long as you want to make a difference I believe I can support you on this exciting, satisfying and very rewarding journey. I love to assist to human change.