Wealth beyond Money, 18 June London

On Saturday 18th June in central London I host the workshop Wealth Beyond Money – How To Create a Life ofLasting Value together with coach Rikke. We are delighted to have a special guest speaker,¬†strategic creativity coach Katherine Robertson-Pilling from … Read More


‘Wealth Series 2016′ – Kick-off event

It was a great pleasure to present at the first ‘Wealth Series 2016′ personal development event at the end of February. I shared my career coaching approach packed with practical tools to support and inspire the attendees on their journey … Read More

Fooled by Randomness

Fooled by randomness – Book Review

Excellent guide to understand probabilities and randomness (or its opposite) in our personal and professional lives. You might find it arrogant some time but it definitely makes you think.

Career Coach

Sophie Rowan: Brilliant Career Coach – Book Review

Practical, easy to follow and powerful tools to guide you through the journey of changing, enhancing your career. I use the tools in my coaching practice regularly.


Thaler & Sustein: Nudge – Book Review

Important learnings from behavioural economics. Great tools to influence other people and our own choices. The real-life examples are truly eye-opening.

the dice man

Luke Rhinehart: the dice man – Book Review

Educated decisions based on analysis and surveys proven to be more effective than purely random decisions. A mind once stretched never returns to its original dimensions. Read the dice man.

Happiness by Design

Peter Dolan: Happiness by Design – Book Review

Great fresh way to define happiness. Prof Dolan talks about the power of our deliberate choices, about the environment we create for ourselves and about what we pay attention to. I was lucky to hear his passion and background research … Read More


Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson: The Wisdom of the Enneagram – Book Review

Enneagram is an alternative system to understand personality types. It gives insight into the deepest motivations, fears and desires of each type. I find it complementary to the most widely used, standard methods.

Time to think

Nancy Kline: Time to Think – Book Reivew

I found this book very interesting. It provides a fresh view into listening. It gives tools you can use to create your thinking environment. Great insight into the power individuals can achieve through making conscious decisions about their lives.